"I didn't do much ....  I was up on the Kokoda Track for a little while ....".
- Owen James BASKETT, NX142232 (N268139)

This website is dedicated to the memory of Private Owen James BASKETT from Moruya.  When first interviewed, he claimed to have done very little during the Second World War.  As an afterthought Owen added "I was up on the Kokoda Track for a little while ....".  A remarkable understatement!  He along with brothers Trevor and Laurie KNIGHT, enlisted into the AMF (often referred to as 'Militia') and served with 10 Platoon, 'B' Company of the 3rd Infantry Battalion, Australian Military Forces.   He fought at Ioribaiwa and the advance to Templeton's Crossing during those dark days of 1942.  They were led by one of the finest of N.C.O's (Non Commissioned Officer) .... Sergeant Bede TONGS.  In relation to Bede who was awarded the Military Medal at Templeton's Crossing, Owen once said "If it wasn't for him, we could all have been killed.  We owe him our lives".  The 3rd Battalion was the longest continuous serving unit during the Owen Stanleys campaign.

Owen enlisted from a small rural town, served his country and nobly performed his duty like so many others .... then with very little fuss .... returned home to that same small town and tried to live a normal life.  This site will remember Owen and 'all of them' who served our wonderful country.